modified American plan

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mod·i·fied American plan

A system of hotel management in which guests pay a fixed daily or weekly rate for room, breakfast, and lunch or dinner.

mod′ified Amer′ican plan`

(in hotels) a system of paying a single fixed rate that covers room, breakfast, and one other meal, usu. dinner. Abbr.: MAP Compare American plan, European plan.
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Noun1.modified American plan - a hotel plan that includes breakfast and dinner (but not lunch)modified American plan - a hotel plan that includes breakfast and dinner (but not lunch)
American plan - a hotel plan that includes three meals daily
noćenje s doručkom
1박 2식 제공
phòng nghỉ và hai bữa ăn

modified American plan

نِصْفُ إقامَة polopenze halvpension Halbpension ημιδιατροφή media pensión puolihoito demi-pension noćenje s doručkom mezza pensione 二食付き 1박 2식 제공 halfpension halvpensjon niepełne wyżywienie meia pensão полупансион halvpension ที่พักพร้อมอาหารเช้าและเย็น kahvaltı ve akşam yemeği dahil phòng nghỉ và hai bữa ăn 半膳
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MAHEKAL BEACH RESORT operates under a modified American plan (MAP) which includes breakfast and dinner or lunch daily.
The resort offers a variety of Full American Plan and Modified American Plan packages featuring continental cuisine.
The Greenbrier's flexibility begins with the choice between the modified American plan (room, plus breakfast and dinner in the elegant main dining room) and the European plan (room only).

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