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v. mod·i·fied, mod·i·fy·ing, mod·i·fies
1. To change in form or character; alter.
2. To make less extreme, severe, or strong: refused to modify her stand on the issue.
3. Grammar To qualify or limit the meaning of. For example, summer modifies day in the phrase a summer day.
4. Linguistics To change (a vowel) by umlaut.
To be or become modified; change.

[Middle English modifien, from Old French modifier, from Latin modificāre, to measure, limit : modus, measure; see med- in Indo-European roots + -ficāre, -fy.]

mod′i·fi′a·bil′i·ty n.
mod′i·fi′a·ble adj.


A. ADJ [note, term, factor] → modificador, modificante
B. Nmodificación f
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The modified polymer of the present invention is a modified polymer obtained by modifying a styrene-conjugated diene copolymer (A) with a nitrone compound (B).
The purpose of transgenosis is to make organisms more suitable for using or eating by modifying their properties.
Among the topics are polymer modified bitumen emulsions, modifying bitumen using polyurethanes, using waste polymers to modify bitumens, factors affecting the rheology of polymer-modified bitumen, natural weathering in styrene-butadiene modified bitumen, and the fuel resistance of bituminous binders.
The subject invention also provides methods of modifying Cry34 proteins.
Reports are coming in that soldiers are modifying their rifles, pistols, and machine guns to try to improve how they work or to make them easier to handle in combat.
Among issues discussed in Part IV of the report are modifying the limits, requirements and dollar amounts for annual exclusion gifts; allowing a surviving spouse a "portable" applicable exclusion amount; and establishing valuation guidelines, safe harbors and other law changes to reduce valuation uncertainty and the controversy it produces.
PolyFoam Expancel MB masterbatch contains 40% physical blowing agent, eliminating the need for modifying an existing extruder for injection molded parts.
The higher dose showed what the authors call a "striking shift" in the profile, modifying a variety of heat shock proteins and other genes involved in stress response pathways.
Some of the modifying materials in the new preblend are carbonaceous based and contribute to the combustibles, but in many preblend formulations the quantity of seacoal or seacoal supplements require review.
Thus, researchers can try a double-whammy strategy, modifying a single glioma-seeking herpesvirus to carry genes that encode both immune-enhancing cytokines and that deliver suicide instructions to the tumor.
To determine the materiality levels auditors use in modifying audit reports because of a lack of consistency, we examined the financial statements of all companies listed in Moody's industrial index for five years (1988 to 1992).
As the new materials with good performance made by adding modifying agents to plastics, modified plastics have been increasingly applied in automotive, home appliance and other industries.