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v. mod·i·fied, mod·i·fy·ing, mod·i·fies
1. To change in form or character; alter.
2. To make less extreme, severe, or strong: refused to modify her stand on the issue.
3. Grammar To qualify or limit the meaning of. For example, summer modifies day in the phrase a summer day.
4. Linguistics To change (a vowel) by umlaut.
To be or become modified; change.

[Middle English modifien, from Old French modifier, from Latin modificāre, to measure, limit : modus, measure; see med- in Indo-European roots + -ficāre, -fy.]

mod′i·fi′a·bil′i·ty n.
mod′i·fi′a·ble adj.


A. ADJ [note, term, factor] → modificador, modificante
B. Nmodificación f
References in classic literature ?
If a Mingo has whispered that much in the ear of the Delaware, he has only shown that he is a singing-bird," said the scout, who now believed that it was time to vindicate himself from such offensive charges, and who spoke as the man he addressed, modifying his Indian figures, however, with his own peculiar notions.
My dear girl, I have been occupied, since we last saw each other, in slightly modifying my old professional habits.
Both THE TIMES and the DAILY TELEGRAPH, for instance, insisted on it the next morning, and both overlooked, just as I did, two obvious modifying influ- ences.
Hammerfield," as Ernest once said, "has succeeded in modifying his metaphysics so as to give God's sanction to the Iron Heel, and also to include much worship of beauty and to reduce to an invisible wraith the gaseous vertebrate described by Haeckel--the difference between Dr.
For the external medium of all this beauty Spenser, modifying the
By the word "rearing," in this case, is meant the act of modifying by means of new and higher values--values which, as laws and guides of conduct and opinion, are now to rule over mankind.
Ogg's, that there had been no highly modifying influence to act on them in their maturer life.
Among the topics are polymer modified bitumen emulsions, modifying bitumen using polyurethanes, using waste polymers to modify bitumens, factors affecting the rheology of polymer-modified bitumen, natural weathering in styrene-butadiene modified bitumen, and the fuel resistance of bituminous binders.
Despite reports to the contrary, discussions with respect to modifying or amending the Modified Plan are ongoing, and the confirmation hearing with respect to the presently filed Modified Plan has been scheduled for June 29, 2011 at 9:30 a.
The subject invention also provides methods of modifying Cry34 proteins.
Among issues discussed in Part IV of the report are modifying the limits, requirements and dollar amounts for annual exclusion gifts; allowing a surviving spouse a "portable" applicable exclusion amount; and establishing valuation guidelines, safe harbors and other law changes to reduce valuation uncertainty and the controversy it produces.
PolyFoam Expancel MB masterbatch contains 40% physical blowing agent, eliminating the need for modifying an existing extruder for injection molded parts.