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Being in or conforming to the prevailing or current fashion; stylish: "With his longish wavy hair and his modish suits, he appears entirely at home on Rodeo Drive" (John Nathan).

mod′ish·ly adv.
mod′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.modishness - elegance by virtue of being fashionablemodishness - elegance by virtue of being fashionable
elegance - a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; "she conveys an aura of elegance and gentility"
dapperness, jauntiness, nattiness, rakishness - stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance
References in classic literature ?
Their position was perhaps the happiest of all positions in the social scale, being above the line at which neediness ends, and below the line at which the CONVENANCES begin to cramp natural feelings, and the stress of threadbare modishness makes too little of enough.
The uneven new system has resulted in pockets of modishness sprouting in unlikely corners, and tracking them down can have a surprisingly clandestine feel.
Giulio Paolini's Antologia (26/1/1974), in the main gallery-space, critiques such modishness by refusing to share--show --anything.
His name was often mentioned in English novels, the authors of which exploited the modishness of physiognomy.
The lifestyle aboard ships of a recherche clutch of cruise lines offers a fusion of captivating decadence and artistic modishness.
The company has an exquisite assortment of authoritative Rolls Royce Phantom that holds an indescribable air of modishness and flamboyance.
23) But through the most striking visual feature of her outfit--her hoopskirt--Weigel's singer stakes her claim to fashionability, even if that modishness is somewhat understated with respect to wider European trends.
According to Paul W Thayer from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, despite the wealth of practical and scientific research in this field "there is still a tendency in business, government, and academia to adopt programs based on little more than attractiveness, modishness, or a desire to keep up with others in the field.
Rounded pads of blue-green polyester covered the figure's eyes like the lenses of oversize sunglasses, conveying hippie-era modishness but also evoking blindness, a state of perceptual impairment that is the opposite of the awareness connoted by hip.
As in life, so in psychotherapy sensation is close to modishness.
In opposition to this green political modishness, critical ecology underlines the link between nature and the forces and means of production, insisting that environmental policies can only be applied by questioning the principles of the productive model which operates on a global scale.
The decorating ideas are drawn from something Mary "had read in a woman's magazine" (44); Woman's World had recently published a two-part article on redecorating a house into bright modishness for eighty dollars (Fales).