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One that produces, designs, or deals in dressmaking or millinery.

[French, from mode, fashion; see mode.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a fashionable dressmaker or milliner
[C19: from French, from mode fashion]



a woman formerly making or selling women's fashionable attire.
[1830–40; < French; see mode2, -ist]

modiste, modist

a maker and seller of fashionable gowns and millinery for women.
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A person who designs, makes, or sells fashonable clothes for women.
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Noun1.modiste - someone who makes and sells hatsmodiste - someone who makes and sells hats  
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
merchandiser, merchant - a businessperson engaged in retail trade
2.modiste - someone who makes or mends dressesmodiste - someone who makes or mends dresses  
garment worker, garmentmaker, garment-worker - a person who makes garments


[məʊˈdiːst] Nmodista f


nModistin f
References in classic literature ?
But when the brief solace afforded them by the modiste and dressmaker was past, there seemed little else to be gained.
Conquer new worlds, and remember--white is your color, and Paquin your one modiste.
Ah, but you see some of these sensible inventions come from the brain of a fashionable modiste, who will make you more lovely, or what you value more 'stylish' outside and comfortable within.
Keckley's rise to notoriety" is already embedded in the authorial information on the front page of her book: "Formerly a Slave, but More Recently Modiste, and Friend to Mrs.
They prefer to parade the skill of their modiste by some dainty but high-cut bodice or pretty blouse.
On the streets of early 50s New York he would find the people he recognised from the cities where he'd lived, from Glasgow most of all: the assistants in his stepfather's jewellery store, the customers from the South Side suburbs (Giffnock, Clarkston, Newton Mearns,Whitecraigs), the seamstresses who used to work for his great-aunts in the basement of their modiste establishment, fellow pupils from the Friday shul at Garnethill Synagogue.
La Modiste has failed to trouble the judge on her recent outings but can bounce back to winning form at Brighton.
The bookmakers are understandably wary of both Hyde Park and La Modiste as both come from punting stables and look to have been laid out for the race.
Martin Fetherstone-Godley's four-year-old looks weighted to reverse form with La Modiste.
LA MODISTE runs for us in the Lincoln this afternoon.
No fewer than 12 horses will head north from her Dorset base in search of early glory, with stable star RUSSIAN MUSIC going for the Doncaster Mile and five-year-old mare LA MODISTE on course for Saturday's Lincoln Handicap.
From their close attention to production notes, reviews and the complementary press copy and illustrations that reported on stage costume, the authors reveal various overlapping sight lines of self-display, envy and desire - the 'voyeuristic triangle' of the stage, the fashionable stalls and the rest of the house, and the similarly electric configuration of the modiste, the mannequin and the male consumer whose patriarchy and purse power did much to define the shifting contours and lush elaborations of women's bodies in this age of conspicuous excess.