(ˈmɒdʒ ə ləˌraɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to form or organize into modules, as for flexibility.
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The next logical step, as the company evolves, will be to modularize that approach so that different areas of the organization can pick and choose the pieces relevant for additional critical workforces.
Each redesign will modularize the curriculum, allowing students to progress through the developmental course sequence at a faster pace if possible or at a slower pace if necessary, spending the amount of time needed to master the course content.
Intended for experienced Flex and Java architects, the guide explains how to customize the messaging layer of LCDS or BlazeDS, modularize the Flex RIA, load the first page of an RIA quickly with a preloader, and synchronize data with Adobe AIR.
Since most systems include crosscutting concerns, it's no surprise that a few techniques have emerged to modularize their implementation.
KBR will provide engineering and project management services to develop the process design; specify the required equipment; layout, modularize and integrate the decks; perform the necessary structural analyses; and provide the electrical power generation and distribution system designed to support the platform and the down-hole electrical submersible pump requirements.
We compare and contrast their capabilities with respect to their ability to modularize crosscutting concerns to satisfy sound principles of software development.
There is even a chance to use this opportunity to copy submarine construction practices and modularize structures around bulkheads in some applications.
Although the decision to modularize can be made at various project stages, the degree of modularization that is feasible will be affected by the timing of that decision.
Every leading enterprise application server provider around the world is using or intends to use OSGi technology to modularize their Java software and allow applications to be adapted remotely and in real time.
is to modularize the course coordinated by Lot 1, to the extend possible, monitor and conduct quality projects.
a pioneer in cardiodiagnostic cholesterol testing technology, today announced that it has contracted with Source Scientific, LLC, a medical device developer and manufacturer, to create a more robust line of cholesterol diagnostics and to modularize VAP Test equipment for placement with a broad array of domestic and international diagnostic laboratories.
This module is another successful example of our strategy to provide customers a total RF front end solution by partnering with leading chipset manufactures to modularize the antenna-to-transceiver signal path and offer our joint customers the most optimized and complete radio solution available.

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