molecular beam

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molecular beam


molecular ray

(General Physics) physics a parallel beam of molecules that are at low pressure and suffer no interatomic or intermolecular collisions
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Contract notice: Complete system for molecular beam epitaxy.
Contract award: NTNU 2013-1097 Molecular Beam Epitaxy.
Was put out to tender a complete system for molecular beam epitaxy of group III arsenides and - antimonides.
Petroff and his colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara, use a technique called molecular beam epitaxy to grow such structures.
Contract notice: Supply, delivery, in running order, training in the use and guarantee a molecular beam epitaxy system (mbe) for organic materials
They use a conventional technique called molecular beam epitaxy, but they grow their crystals in an unusually high vacuum and at low temperatures, and they are able to meter out, atom by atom, the material that gets deposited on the crystal.
The crossed molecular beam technique is "one of the most important advances within the field of reaction dynamics,' according to the award citation.
IPG Photonics Corporation (IPG) has announced the acquisition of an extra GEN2000 Production Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) System from Veeco Instruments.
Contract notice: Construction and delivery positions for molecular beam epitaxy (mbe molecular beam epitaxy-) compounds aiiibv (including superlattices ii-iego kind of inas / gasb barrier algs) with a set of source materials and ln2 phase separator.
NL Nanosemiconductor Germany is a supplier of epitaxial wafers with Quantum Dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and high power laser modules, as well as broad-band and modelocked lasers.
The acquisition of equipment of new molecular beam epitaxy type "cluster tool"
This contract is - The acquisition of a new molecular beam epitaxy of cluster tool type equipment, : - And the upgrade of the existing facilities by molecular beam epitaxy in the Institute of Electronics South (IES) (renovation and addition of a buffer epitaxy chamber for depositing silicon layer ).

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