molecular sieve

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molecular sieve

(Elements & Compounds) chem a material that can absorb large amounts of certain compounds while not absorbing others and is thus suitable for use in separating mixtures

molec′ular sieve′

a compound with molecule-size pores, as some sodium aluminum silicates, that chemically locks molecules in them: used in purification and separation processes.
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Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems are vessels filled with a carbon molecular sieve that is pressurized with air.
However, zeolite membranes can be used as a replacement for the usual dehydration methods due to their high thermal and chemical resistance and molecular sieve properties.
9) Inspect Your Desiccant--The desiccant types that are typically used in plastics industry dryers are Molecular Sieve beads, Silica Gel beads and Pure Crystalline Molecular Sieve.
The choice of filling materials has also been extended to silica gel, molecular sieve and blends.
e systems work by extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere and ltering it through a molecular sieve.
The presence of methanol and MEG in hydrocarbon fluids reduces the quality and value of produced fluids and can cause problems during process and refining, such as separation difficulties, poisoning catalysts and poisoning molecular sieve beds.
Molecular sieve for heatless air dryer Tender no: 993466 Description: The scope of this tender is about molecular sieve for heatless air dryer in NOP.
Bein, T, "Synthesis and Application of Molecular Sieve Layer and Membranes.
Consists of two filter beds of carbon molecular sieve.
2006) presented sorption property data for different types of molecular sieves in equation form and investigated the influence of different assumptions for heat of sorption and equilibrium equation of molecular sieve on predicted optimum performance of a rotary dehumidifier.
increase for emulsion products including acrytics, styrene acrylics, acrylic epoxy hybrids, self crosslinking and hydroxy functional acrylics, opaque polymers, castor oil-based polyols and Albolith molecular sieve paste.
Manufacturing processing advances that allowed a breathable layer of desiccant to be bonded to the corrugated aluminum foil surface made molecular sieve EWs possible.

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