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Variant of molly.
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Noun1.mollie - popular aquarium fishmollie - popular aquarium fish    
live-bearer, poeciliid, poeciliid fish, topminnow - small usually brightly-colored viviparous surface-feeding fishes of fresh or brackish warm waters; often used in mosquito control
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He plunged into the swimming tank or went hunting with the Judge's sons; he escorted Mollie and Alice, the Judge's daughters, on long twilight or early morning rambles; on wintry nights he lay at the Judge's feet before the roaring library fire; he carried the Judge's grandsons on his back, or rolled them in the grass, and guarded their footsteps through wild adventures down to the fountain in the stable yard, and even beyond, where the paddocks were, and the berry patches.
Mollie, 25, works in the climbing department of Tiso Outdoor in Edinburgh and also gives talks to kids and adults on what it takes to achieve your ambitions.
Mollie, 28, said: "We basically turned up in binbags to the High School Musical 3 premiere.
Mollie can only live with children aged 16 and above as she can be quite boisterous.
Hopefully instead of just making pretty pictures, I am making something that has an impact on people," explains Mollie Kellogg.
For many 13-year-olds this experience alone would be enough to kick start the holidays but not for Mollie.
Mollie, 99, has struggled with deafness for decades but has just become the oldest patient in Europe to receive a hearing implant.
Mollie King and Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays have spoken about the success of the band in the US.
GOLLY, Saturdays "It could all get very interesting when Mollie finds out.
And now they have opened their latest shop in Shrewsbury - with Mollie deciding what goes on the shelves for their sweet-toothed customers.
Mollie is one of them," the Daily Mail quoted a friend as saying.
Her college has allowed Mollie to juggle her passion for fashion with her love for music and she is now taking the opportunity for a career in music management with both hands.