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also mol·lus·kan  (mə-lŭs′kən)
Of or relating to the mollusks.
A mollusk.
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The molluscan genus Chiton offers a partially analogous case.
Biofouling in marine molluscan shellfish aquaculture: a survey assessing the business and economic implications of mitigation.
While some common molluscan shell microstructures such as prismatic, crossed-lamellar and foliated calcite occur in Cambrian molluscs (Runnegar 1985), the textures amongst early molluscs are diverse and often unusual (Kouchinsky 2000).
Munro wrote a thesis titled "Human Evolution and Associated Fossil Mollusc Remains," which talks about the molluscan remains that had been associated with early Homo sites.
Contract Awarded for revision of the australian faunal directory molluscan database
The primary objectives of this talk are as follows: 1) to put the genus Unionicola into taxonomic perspective; 2) to provide you with a general life cycle of these water mites; 3) to characterize the precise nature of the symbiotic association between these mites and their molluscan hosts; 4) to discuss some of my behavioral research involving Unionicola mites and how these studies have changed our perception about what it means to be a species in the context of these mites; 5) to provide you with a framework regarding the phylogenetic systematics and biogeography of Unionicola mites; and 6) to leave you with insights regarding future directions of my research program involving these mites.
Trematode flatworms clonally form colonies in their molluscan first intermediate hosts, and some species have a reproductive and a soldier caste.
He fmished his thesis, a quantitative analysis of poikilohaline molluscan associations in 1957, and went to work for Sinclair Oil Company (1957-1968), eventually working in six countries and 23 states.
If this is molluscan deception, then the disco clam may also be the all-night-diner clam.
It was Dick's goal to address these shortcomings as far as possible and to establish a molluscan research centre at the Natal Museum--in today's parlance 'a Centre of Excellence for Malacology'.
Irradiation of molluscan shellfish is allowed by the FDA.