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adv. Music
Very; much. Used chiefly in directions.

[Italian, from Latin multum, from neuter of multus, many, much; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]


(Music, other) music (preceded or followed by a musical direction, esp a tempo marking) very: allegro molto; molto adagio.
[from Italian, from Latin multum (adv) much]


(ˈmoʊl toʊ)

Music. very: molto allegro.
[1795–1805; < Italian < Latin multum, adv. use of acc. singular neuter of multus much]
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Adv.1.molto - much; "allegro molto"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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Another molto bene Italian prize from the British Travel Awards gets you three days free car hire in a Maserati Quattroporte from Sixt, worth up to PS546 (this would be Mirror Travel's wheels after a Lotto win
Newly installed, I was assured by Franco Olivieri that my lack of Italian could be redressed by repeating molto stupida
Edita's brand portfolio includes household names such as Molto, Todo, Hohos, Twinkies, Bake Rolz, Freska and MiMix.
The company is well known for its consistently high quality products and strong brands like Molto, TODO, Bake Rolz, Bake Stix, Mimix as well as the Hostess cakes range.
Si tratta di una pubblicazione di grande valore accademico che affronta numerose tematiche molto importanti e raccoglie interessanti contributi critici.
40 was irritatingly old-fashioned: light on repeats, heavy on strings, violins lumped together on the left; the opening movement slower than Mozart's molto allegro; an excessively manipulated artificially romanticized andante which lurched between languor and whiplash accents.
Miller said that Verus recently was joined in the local venture by Molto Properties, a large industrial real estate firm also based in Chicago.
com where this Molto Smiler elephant case is down from PS41 to PS24.
Brahms' Three Intermezzi proved a limpidly lovely opening, its con molto espressione just that, washing out from the keyboard in silky, sinuous skeins of music, proving Trpceski's physical stillness is an optical illusion.