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(Elements & Compounds) a salt or ester of a molybdic acid


(məˈlɪb deɪt)

a salt of any molybdic acid.
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Therefore, the researchers have tried in this research to improve properties of supercapacitors made of nickel molybdate such as capacity, power and cyclic life by using very regular nanoporous structures.
Huber is a global supplier of non-halogen fire retardant additives including ATH, magnesium hydroxide (MDH) and engineered molybdate compounds for a variety of consumer, electrical and industrial applications, including reinforced plastics, engineering thermoplastics, rubber, carpet backing, cast polymer, coatings, roofing, adhesives, high-voltage insulators and wire and cable insulating and jacketing.
Calcium and phosphorus levels will be analyzed using atomic absorption spectrophotometer and molybdate complexation assay, respectively, as previously described [6].
The buckypaper was impregnated into these molybdate solution over night, and dry naturally.
The primary chemical anti-scaling agents used include sodium molybdate, phosphates, organic phosphonates, polymers, and acids.
However, borate and molybdate minerals, which are relatively rare even today, are unlikely to have occurred on the Hadean Earth and call into question origin models that rely on those mineral groups.
Plasma phosphorus is quantified through reaction with ammonium molybdate to form a colored phosphomolybdate complex (3).
A negative stain composed of 5% ammonium molybdate, pH 6.
The samples were wet digested and then analysed for nitrogen using the micro-kjeldahl method, phosphate using sodium molybdate and bases using 2.
Replacing molybdates, where possible, will remain a top priority as molybdate prices remain comparatively high, and some concerns about their environmental impact have arisen.
P salivary levels were obtained by the ammonium molybdate method using an ultraviolet spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 690 nm.