molybdenum steel

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Noun1.molybdenum steel - steel containing 10-15% molybdenum; properties are similar to tungsten steel
alloy steel - steel who characteristics are determined by the addition of other elements in addition to carbon
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Implementation of the method of trenchless drilling DN 300 mm and DN 250 mm pipe with glazed stoneware combined to muff molybdenum steel with rubber-elastomer seal having a seal at the joints of 2.
The barrel is made of 4140 Chrome Molybdenum steel, and is chrome-lined.
Cuisinart's Continental Black Matte collection has blades that are made from heavy-gauge, high-carbon molybdenum steel with a chromium content of 18 percent.
41___ = a molybdenum steel with about 1% molybdenum
The aluminum frame was black anodized, and the chrome molybdenum steel barrel and cylinder were reblued.
All Model 70's feature the finest Winchester-Proof grade chrome molybdenum steel in their bolts, receivers and barrels which are heat treated for additional wear resistance.
The axle is a black and made of chromium molybdenum steel with a black steel axle.
The industry's strongest receiver with its massive front recoil lug is machined out of a solid block of chrome molybdenum steel.
Fas-N-Seal is available in a wide range of Aerospace Material Specification / Military Specification elastomers, including nitrile, fluorocarbon, silicone and fluorosilicone; the metals include aluminum, stainless steel and chrome molybdenum steel.
8 wt% reduces the density by 10% to 15% compared with quenched and tempered chromium and molybdenum steels but also decreases strain hardening and abrasive wear resistance.
The greater use of molybdenum steels, high performance alloys and catalysts, combined with robust growth in the economies of the 'BRIC' countries and other countries in Asia and South America, will ensure growing future demand for molybdenum.
5% molybdenum steels while the Excalibur 8018-B2 MR is ideal for 1.