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Relating to or containing molybdenum, especially with valence 6.


(Chemistry) of or containing molybdenum in the trivalent or hexavalent state


(məˈlɪb dɪk)

of or containing trivalent or hexavalent molybdenum.
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The Folin-Ciocalteu methods to determine TEPH and TET contents are based on the reducing power of hydroxyl function of phenolics to molybdic acid.
Zhuorui has successfully completed its trial production period and has commenced production including ammonium metavanadate, molybdic acid, and nickel powder.
Between July 2009 and August 2009, prices for both molybdic oxide and ferromolybdenum almost doubled, only to drop by 50% in the next two months.
The molybdenyle solution was prepared by dissolving 10 g of molybdic acid in 90 mL of 1 M sulfuric acid, plus 10 mL of concentrated sulfuric acid, and heating the system of achieve complete dissolution.