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Noun1.mombin - common tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit
mombin - purplish tropical fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
genus Spondias, Spondias - tropical trees having one-seeded fruit
2.mombin - purplish tropical fruit
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
jocote, mombin, mombin tree, Spondias purpurea - common tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit
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Species Family Common Name Spondias mombin Anacardiaceae Jobo Guatteria diospyroides Annonaceae / Guatteria lucens Annonaceae / Cecropia insignis Cecropiaceae Guarumo Cecropia peltata Cecropiaceae Guarumo Clusia peninsulae Clusiaceae / Hieronyma alchomeoides Euphorbiaceae Zapatero-Pilon Ocotea cernua Lauraceae Aguacatillo 0 cote a ira Lauraceae Aguacatillo Ocotea puberula Lauraceae Aguacatillo Miconia argentea Melastomataceae Lengua de vaca Trichilia tuberculata Meliaceae / Ficus americana Moraceae Higueron Ficus benjamina Moraceae Higueron Ficus costaricana Moraceae Higueron Ficus zarzalensis Moraceae Higueron Virola koschnyi Myristicaceae Fruta dorada Virola sp.
mombin were extracted and fractionated in various solvents successively and the extracts were evaluated against IV instar larvae of Ae.
mombin collected near Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, and processed in the laboratory of the Red de Manejo Biorracional de Plagas y Vectores in the Instituto de Ecologia a.
Antifertility activity of aqueous ethanolic leaf extract of Spondias mombin (Anacardiaceae) in rats.
Spondias mombin L Para and Rio (Anacardiaceae); leaf and de twig Janeiro states, Brazil Colletotrichum Artemisia mongolica (Fisch.
The site is a fragment of tropical subdeciduous forest with Brosimum alicastrum (Maya nut), Bursera simaruba (gumbo-limbo), Cedrela odorata (red cedar), and Spondias mombin (yellow mombin) as dominant trees.
The flora are typical of the Llanos and lowland Andean Mountains, including Ceiba pentadra, Bombacopsis quinata, Spondia mombin, Chrysophyllum sericeum, Pouteria anibaefolia, Guazuma tomentosa, Attalea maracaibensis, and Roystonea venezuela.
YELLOW MOMBIN (also known as Hog Plum or Spanish Plum) WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?
7) Extracts of Spondias mombin, Maprounea guianensis, Walteria indica, Gouania blanchetiana, Cordia schomburgkii, Randia armata and Hibiscus furcellatus have been found to impart skin whitening effect with antiaging effects.
SB-202742, a novel beta-lactamase inhibitor isolated from Spondias mombin.
Minutes later, I observed the female perching on a ~25 cm thick branch, inside the crown of a yellow mombin tree (Spondias mombin, Anacardiaceae), ~25 m from the dead tree.