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1. Lasting for only a moment.
2. Occurring or present at every moment: in momentary fear of being exposed.
3. Short-lived or ephemeral, as a life.

[Middle English momentare, from Latin mōmentārius, from mōmentum, moment; see moment.]

mo′men·tar′i·ness n.
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Instantaneous fairness has been used as a specific terminology to emphasize momentariness.
In envisaging himself as a writer of playbills and God's theater manager, Coleridge was expressing the power of ephemerality as a way of apprehending or actualizing the "thisness" or haeccity of time: as the New Monthly Magazine writer said of John Genest: one could "look," "file," and "extract," and the momentariness of experience might still be there.
That doom, and the classic poetic trope of the momentariness of beauty, is then exported out of the poem into the life of Lu Xun in the form of an implicit instruction that he not be protected or made to avoid active engagement in arts and politics.
In particular the pessimistic ideas expressed by Spengler, emphasizing that men would be unable to sustain creativity and the motif of the "irreversibility of life and the momentariness of the individual in history, as well as civilizations" left lasting impressions on Kissinger.
The most remarkable achievement of this book is the demonstration of how each tradition of Indian philosophy is unified under some theme, such as the 'no self theory and momentariness of the Buddhists.
LAINE, Joy, "Udayana's refutation of the Buddhist thesis of momentariness in the Atmdtattvaviveka", Journal of Indian Philosophy, num.
The twins themselves are doubled in a detail whose momentariness a psychoanalyst would deem significant, the later appearance of an old couple who "had lived together so long (.
How can determinism be ultimatese if all nomological relations are minimally dyadic and moments-spanning, which contradicts the Buddhist idea that momentariness undermines the ultimate status of anything moments-spanning?
As a purely philosophical claim, Buddhist criticism of the concept of Isvara, as reconstructed by Patil, deserves consideration by theistic theologians and philosophers of religion, since, if it is true, no theistic doctrine can withstand analysis in light of Buddhist teachings about universal selflessness and the momentariness of phenomena.
Regardless of this invocation of 'inherent fluidity' and the supposedly ceaseless momentariness of negotiations, these nevertheless take place in the medium of Kewa and/or Tok Pisin (possibly some English) rather than in Esperanto or in Samoyed.
This questionnaire covers ten domains: space, body sense, trance, passive, subjectivity/objectivity, time, speech, concentration, momentariness, and cosmic consciousness.
If love is not a feeling but rather a disposition, since it subsists over a continuous period of time, then it exceeds the momentariness of "calm loving feelings of attachment," and so cannot be the product of equally temporary secretions of chemicals.