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1. From moment to moment.
2. At any moment.
3. For a moment.


(ˈmoʊ mənt li)

1. from moment to moment.
2. for a moment.
3. at any moment.
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Adv.1.momently - for an instant or momentmomently - for an instant or moment; "we paused momentarily before proceeding"; "a cardinal perched momently on the dogwood branch"
2.momently - at any momentmomently - at any moment; "she will be with you momently"
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I fancied that each shadow, as the sun descended lower and lower, separated itself sullenly from the trunk that gave it birth, and thus became absorbed by the stream; while other shadows issued momently from the trees, taking the place of their predecessors thus entombed.
But, as the darkness came on, the throng momently increased; and, by the time the lamps were well lighted, two dense and continuous tides of population were rushing past the door.
And here, long, amid the momently increasing confusion, did I persist in my pursuit of the stranger.
When we judged we had gone half a mile, we momently expected to see the guide; but no, he was not visible anywhere; neither was he waiting, for the rope was still moving, consequently he was doing the same.
This contrast, or intermingling of tragedy with mirth, happens daily, hourly, momently.
Me and Mrs Boffin stood the poor girl's friend; me and Mrs Boffin stood the poor boy's friend; me and Mrs Boffin up and faced the old man when we momently expected to be turned out for our pains.
I watched her for nearly half-an-hour: during all that time she never turned a page, and her face grew momently darker, more dissatisfied, and more sourly expressive of disappointment.
The wind continues north East & and we momently expect to hear the departure of the Britons from Newport.