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1. Philosophy An indivisible, impenetrable unit of substance viewed as the basic constituent element of physical reality in the metaphysics of Leibniz.
2. Biology A single-celled microorganism, especially a flagellate protozoan formerly classified in the taxonomic group Monadina.

[Latin monas, monad-, unit, from Greek, from monos, single; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

mo·nad′ic (mə-năd′ĭk), mo·nad′i·cal adj.
mo·nad′i·cal·ly adv.
mo′nad·ism n.


(mɒˈnædɪk) or


1. (Logic) being or relating to a monad
2. (Logic) logic maths (of an operator, predicate, etc) having only a single argument place
3. (Mathematics) logic maths (of an operator, predicate, etc) having only a single argument place
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The A, B and C samples were evaluated in the monadic form, in an individual sensory analysis cabin, and the attributes evaluated comprised appearance, color, texture, odor, and flavor, as well as purchase intent.
Around 50ml of the fermented drink formulations were offered in plastic cups, in a balanced and monadic way, for a panel of 21 untrained tasters, chosen according to the availability.
Samples were served on white disposable plates, coded with random three-digit numbers and presented in a monadic and balanced manner to minimize the effect of sample positioning.
Bumazhnov sets out to reconcile the communal overtones of the first expression with the monadic overtones of the second.
Each monadic experience forms, together with the other monadic experiences, a community of monads, which together belong to the one world (Husserl, 1950, 1999, [section]33 p67).
6) These monadic phenomena may be time invariant (such as land area), or time varying (such as GDP or "multilateral resistance" to trade).
Thus, a realistic theory of democracy must be built, not on the French Enlightenment, on British liberalism, or on American progressivism, with their devotion to human rationality and monadic individualism, but instead on the insights of the critics of these traditions, who recognized that human life is group life.
For a new product, Stenger recommends the Gabor-Granger model, Price Sensitivity Measurements, and Monadic Concept cells to price the product individually.
Tholen, Facets of Descent III: Monadic descent for rings and algebras, Applied Categorical Structures 12 (5-6) (2004) pp.
If the lyric is read as the monadic expression of a self, the potential neglect of interpersonal aspects can deface the interpretation of the poem.
Deschenes's installations sensitize the spectator to the complex and often elliptical vectors of mediation that exceed the axis of mere representation, establishing monadic resonances between inside and outside that are by turns phenomenological, architectural, sociohistorical, and institutional.
In violation of all syllogistic laws, the Zohar proceeds by way of the fragment; for the monadic fragment reflects the whole.