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Occurring as single atoms: Helium is a monatomic gas.

mon′a·tom′ic·al·ly adv.


(ˌmɒnəˈtɒmɪk) or


1. (Chemistry) (of an element) having or consisting of single atoms: argon is a monatomic gas.
2. (Chemistry) (of a compound or molecule) having only one atom or group that can be replaced in a chemical reaction
3. (Chemistry) a less common word for monovalent


(ˌmɒn əˈtɒm ɪk)

1. having one atom in the molecule.
2. containing one replaceable atom or group.
3. having a valence of one.
mon`a•tom′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.monatomic - of or relating to an element consisting of a single atommonatomic - of or relating to an element consisting of a single atom; "helium and argon are monatomic gases"
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The accepted empirically verified value for the energy of a /textitN molecule monatomic gas is kT/2 with its isometric molar heat capacity ([C.
Tenders are invited for Vendors are requested to quote Set up for Electron Spin Resonance spectrometer set up : complete set up,Digital storage oscilloscope,Set up for the study of dispersion relation in a periodic electrical circuit:an analog of monatomic and diatomic lattice vibrations,Set up for the study of optical characteristics of a LED and determination of band gap of the material of LED.
A monatomic gas, such as argon, is ideal as the working gas, as it heats/cools much more than air for the same pressure increase/drop--significantly reducing the storage cost.
57]Co is that the amount of source atoms corresponds to only 1% of the monatomic layer.
Some residual electron densities (not fully occupied monatomic species, O or S) were observed near the S atoms of some Cys residues (Cys84 and Cys546 for DvM enzyme).
The Third Law of Thermodynamics states that for a perfect monatomic crystal, the entropy, S, approaches 0 as T approaches 0.
v] is the ratio of the constant-pressure heat capacity to the constant-volume heat capacity in the ideal-gas state, which is exactly 5/3 for a monatomic gas.
Here, we use monatomic molecules with a number density much lower than a real liquid but higher than a real gas for illustrative purposes only.
Philosophers Stone by scientist, adventurer, inventor, and entrepreneur Hank Kroll, is an amazing study of the monatomic element (the m-state) or white-powder-of-gold carried in the Ark Of The Covenant of ancient Israel.
He covers the geometry of crystal lattice and its classical dynamics, the mechanics of a one-dimensional crystal, general analysis of vibrations of monatomic and polyatomic lattices, the frequency spectrum and it connection with the Green Function, acoustics and phonon crystals, the quantum mechanics of crystals including the interactions of excitations, and defects, such as point and linear defects, localized vibrations, and elastic fields of dislocations.
trj] are the monatomic values of thermal conductivity of components i and j, respectively [dimensionless], and M[W.
The element iodine exists in nature under several forms: inorganic sodium and potassium salts of iodates (IO3-) and iodides (I-); inorganic diatomic iodine (I2); and organic monatomic iodine (C-I).