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mon·e·tar·y  (mn-tr, mn-)
1. Of or relating to money.
2. Of or relating to a nation's currency or coinage.

[Late Latin montrius, from Latin monta, money, mint; see money.]

mone·tari·ly adv.

monetary (ˈmʌnɪtərɪ; -trɪ)
1. (Banking & Finance) of or relating to money or currency
2. (Economics) of or relating to monetarism: a monetary policy.
[C19: from Late Latin monētārius, from Latin monētamoney]
ˈmonetarily adv
mon•e•tar•y (ˈmɒn ɪˌtɛr i, ˈmʌn-)

1. of or pertaining to the coinage or currency of a country.
2. of or pertaining to money; pecuniary.
[1795–1805; < Late Latin monētārius. See money, -ary]
mon`e•tar′i•ly (-ˈtɛər ə li) adv.
syn: See financial.
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Adj.1.monetary - relating to or involving moneymonetary - relating to or involving money; "monetary rewards"; "he received thanks but no pecuniary compensation for his services"

adjective financial, money, economic, capital, cash, fiscal, budgetary, pecuniary They tighten monetary policy to avoid inflation.
monetary [ˈmʌnɪtərɪ]
A. ADJmonetario
B. CPD monetary policy Npolítica f monetaria
monetary reserves NPLreservas fpl monetarias
monetary system Nsistema m monetario
monetary unit Nunidad f monetaria

monetary [ˈmʌnɪtəri] adj
[policy] → monétaire
[value] → monétaire

(= pertaining to finance or currency)währungspolitisch, Währungs-; monetary areaWährungsgebiet nt; monetary policyGeld- or Währungspolitik f; monetary reformWährungsreform f; monetary reservesGeldreserven pl; monetary stabilityGeldwertstabilität f; monetary systemWährungssystem nt; monetary targetingGeldmengenpolitik f; monetary unionWährungsunion f
(= pecuniary) considerations etcgeldlich

monetary [ˈmʌnɪtrɪ] adjmonetario/a

monetary (ˈmanitəri) adjective
of, or consisting of, money. monetary problems.

monetary نِقْدِيّ měnový monetær geldlich νομισματικός monetario raha- monétaire monetaran monetario 通貨の 금전상의 monetair penge- pieniężny monetário денежный penning- เกี่ยวกับเงินตรา parasal thuộc tiền tệ 货币的

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And sending Marco home [without involving the authorities] was costly, both emotionally and monetarily.
He mentioned that if seniors didn't sign up before the deadline they would be monetarily penalized.
The Sacred Circle's request asked "the Anglican Church of Canada to provide" the bishop but added that the bishop "will have spiritual support from the whole church and will be monetarily supported so the indigenous Anglican church stands strong and independent of any subordination.
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