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We don't think it's a great idea to be monetizing all the long-term receivables,'' he said.
Once the hedge is in place, the client can consider borrowing money, monetizing the position or expanding the risk profile back out again into a more diversified portfolio.
It also prevents the seller from monetizing the installment obligation.
According to a recent study by the IAB in the UK, sales houses and networks are responsible for growing and monetizing the long tail of Internet sites, accounting for 40% of display advertising in 2007.
today announced the availability of ProPublisher, a turnkey hosted service providing a simple to use, yet full featured solution for creating, distributing and monetizing branded Internet video channels and microsites.
Solution Provides Advertisers and Content Owners with the First Measurable and Controllable Platform for Monetizing and Distributing Digital Content
These early customers have responded enthusiastically to the platform's ability to provide a wide assortment of options for monetizing content on their sites and for creating their own ad networks.
The sophisticated yet simple and intuitive interface redefines the market for delivering and monetizing video on the internet.