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In a few words, but with evident appreciation of the adventure, Mills described to us how he swam to the beach clad simply in a money belt and a pair of trousers.
His shirt had been torn away, and she could see the leather money belt about his waist.
The discovery causes Kat to go into selfdestruct mode, but when she then leaves the children and her money belt with Alfie, her estranged husband realises that this time she's planning something a lot more drastic than making a drunken pass at someone in the Vic.
For ultimate security while traveling internationally, the Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Money Belt can easily be worn under any garments.
Wear a money belt to store cash and avoid bags that are easy to pick pocket from.
His money belt containing a signifi-cant amount of cash was stolen.
Keep the phone secure in your money belt or small bag.
He may have helped Kane and his feral crew to rob Tamwar of his money belt and defied his mum Bianca, but Liam now has to prove that he's got what it takes to become a fully-fledged gang member.
EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm AS Tamwar reports back to work in his new stab vest, Bianca is wondering why his stolen money belt has ended up under Liam's bed.
Following her shocking discovery of Tamwar's money belt in his room last night, her world has come crashing down around her - yet still she refuses to believe that the lad could have had anything to do with Tamwar's mugging.
The 52-year-old owner of the business was the apparent target of the robberies because he paid mushroom pickers in cash and was known to carry it in a money belt around his waist, according to a Lane County Sheriff's Office detective's April 17 sworn statement to obtain a search warrant in the case.
To prevent loss or theft of cash and credit cards, split between a hotel safe (or other hiding spot) and a money belt under clothes.