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The Merrimac, the Monitor, the Tennessee, the Weehawken discharged enormous projectiles themselves, after having been armor-clad against the projectiles of others.
I was going to make you a monitor next term, but I think I'd better wait a bit.
Let me entreat you to throw off its humiliating bonds and to cease to order your affairs by that insensate monitor of brass and steel.
They discovered her proximity, dropped back until she was nearly broadside on to the former battleship, and signalled up the Theodore Roosevelt and the little Monitor.
It will happen; you KNOW it will," answered that stubborn monitor, Conscience.
This son it was who kept them in the neighborhood of London, for the Admiral was as fond of ships and of salt water as ever, and was as happy in the sheets of a two-ton yacht as on the bridge of his sixteen-knot monitor.
I looked at the card: "James Baxter, London Correspondent, New York Monitor.
She tried to silence that unwelcome monitor by laying the blame on Alban.
But I leave the readers of these things to their own just reflections, which they will be more able to make effectual than I, who so soon forgot myself, and am therefore but a very indifferent monitor.
Stimulated by the silent monitor within, and by a no less touching and appealing monitor without - to whom I will briefly refer as Miss W.
Meg was Amy's confidante and monitor, and by some strange attraction of opposites Jo was gentle Beth's.
That thought with which Dorothea had gone out to meet her husband--her conviction that he had been asking about the possible arrest of all his work, and that the answer must have wrung his heart, could not be long without rising beside the image of him, like a shadowy monitor looking at her anger with sad remonstrance.