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Adj.1.monocarboxylic - containing one carboxyl group
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Shafiei, Relationship between Topological Indices and Thermodynamic Properties of the Monocarboxylic Acids Applications in QSPR, Iranian I.
9,745,543 B2; Ecolab has been awarded a patent for a stabilized liquid enzyme composition that is comprised of an enzyme stabilizing agent (disodium camphodiacetate); and a combination of more than one enzymes comprising at least one protease, wherein the composition retains at least about 80% of its initial enzyme activity after 40 days at ambient temperature; and wherein the composition is substantially free of organic monocarboxylic acids, boric acid and borate salts.
Thiamine deficiency may target focal brain areas such as the thalamus because, relative to other brain structures, it has lower levels of monocarboxylic acid transporters and acetyl-CoA-synthetase.
g] values of the ME and MB polymers including monocarboxylic acid monomer.
00) due to its monocarboxylic acid with a hydroxyl group on a carbon, and is defined as an organic acid (pKa: 3.
Dicarboxylic acid shows reactive behavior to monocarboxylic acid.
Imports of Saturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids has fallen month on month basis by -5.
According to the authors, the selective presence of the MCT1 and the MCT4 isoforms in SS mitochondria indicates that lactate can be a monocarboxylic transported directly to the mitochondria, as initially proposed by Brooks.
The monocarboxylic acid esters can be further broken down into those formed from ethanol and saturated fatty acids.
Vinylester, is a resin produced by the esterification of an epoxy resin with an unsaturated monocarboxylic acid.