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Contract notice: Monochromatic shutters modules for the MAX IV Laboratory.
Michelle describes her minimalist, monochromatic work as "abstract landscape" and says it is influenced by her nomadic lifestyle.
Many artists have used tints and shades of one color to express emotion and others paint monochromatic paintings because they prefer the variation of values as opposed to variation of colors.
Designed for beginning and advanced imagers alike, each of the six color and monochromatic Skyris models reveals the solar system from a completely new perspective, allowing you to create stunning planetary images in crisp, high resolution.
The category has done well for Nourison because it has debuted collections that range in style from bright and colorful to more subdued, monochromatic tones, said Joyce Lowe, executive director, area rug division.
Kelly loves photography and has reflected this passion in the monochromatic palette she has chosen for the collection.
Frequently cited to emphasize the artist's intellectual awareness, the quote also succinctly articulates the central challenge in the conservation of monochromatic art.
The first eight chapters provide the groundwork in terms of the properties of light, light propagation, and light detection, covering monochromatic wave propagation, monochromatic field propagation through a lens, intensity propagation, three-dimensional imaging, radiometry, intensity fluctuations, and detection noise.
The flowing great room features a monochromatic palette of cream tones for porcelain tile floors, I, walls, and textural kitchen backsplash, 2, of easy-care sealed, honed and filled travertine subway tiles.
The colours of the covering, the frame and the side profile can be attuned, creating a monochromatic chair.
Reading in a grim, sotto voce, monochromatic near-whisper, accomplished American actor Campbell Scott gives an outstanding performance.
The electric ranges include 20-, 24- and 30-inch models in both monochromatic white and stainless steel.