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1. The cultivation of a single crop on a farm or in a region or country.
2. A single, homogeneous culture without diversity or dissension.

mon′o·cul′tur·al adj.
mon′o·cul′tur·al·ism n.


1. (Agriculture) agriculture relating to the production of only one crop
2. (Agriculture) animal husbandry relating to the husbandry of only one type of animal
3. (Sociology) sociol relating to a culture that is the same across a vast area
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A common complaint by critics of US-driven trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the yet-to-be ratified Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is that opening underdeveloped agricultural markets to heavily subsidized and technology-supported agriculture from the US puts Latin American farmers out of business or forces them into developing monocultural cash crops (see NotiCen, 2003-10-23, 2004-11-18 and SourceMex, 2004-04-14, 2003-04-23).
So the problem does not seem to be so much that we live in a multicultural world, for this is what human history has been about since the beginning; no culture or human being is originally monocultural.
The small scale of the beds makes large machinery unnecessary, composting and recycling of local agricultural wastes allow farmers to avoid buying expensive chemical fertilizers, and a diverse crop cycle minimizes the insect infestations common to large monocultural plantings, cutting down on the need for pesticides.
Nieto (2002) observed, however, that teachers overall have become increasingly monocultural, a majority of White, middle class females from the dominant culture.
The community of believers had until now thought in patterns particular to a monolingual, monocultural world, with certain concessions to the minority immigrant cultures constantly arriving in the country--until they could be fully assimilated.
The mediator supplies the parties with guidance about monocultural standards and norms which he subjectively considers to apply to their dispute.
These are contrasted with the monocultural, large-scale, environmentally dissonant and community destructive approaches of both capitalist and command communist, industrial agriculture.
The answer of muliculturalism was to replace the old curriculum with one concentrating heavily on black subjects, actually a monocultural curriculum of oppression studies.
The tradition of American nature writing as it has been codified to date remains too much a monocultural monologue about the fight ways to relate to nature from an already alienated position.
Given their circumstances, they cannot be monocultural.
If customers fail to understand an accent, Matsuda suggests, it might be their own fault for having "lived a monocultural life.
After Los Angeles, however, we have deep reason to fear our polyglot complexion could, instead, be our undoing just as the monocultural Japanese politicians and theorists, echoing Nazi statements made about America a half century ago, have been suggesting.