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Any of various flatworms of the class Monogenea that typically pass the entire life cycle as an ectoparasite on an individual fish.

[From New Latin Monogenea, class name (originally an order name) : mono- + Greek geneā, race; see genealogy.]

mon′o·ge′ne·an adj.


a fluke or parasite that lives on a fish and is a member of the order Monogenea
(Zoology) relating to a monogenean
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Monogenean parasite, Dactylogyrus intermedius is endemic ectoparasite in Asia, Central Europe, Middle East and North America (Paperna 1964), cause serious economic damage in aquaculture industry in these regions.
It is well known that reproductive cycles of the Opalinid ciliates and the monogenean Polystoma integerrimum are directly under the influence of the host gonadotropic hormones (Smyth & Smyth 1980).
This monogenean apparently exhibits a high degree of site and host specificity, infecting the dorsum of D.
1992) used the monogenean Microcotyle sebastis to confirm that the yellowtail rockfish Sebastes fiavidus was distributed in discrete groups along the Pacific coast of North America.
1:45 An Ecological and Morphological Study of the Monogenean, Metamicrocotyla macracantha, a Gill Parasite of the Striped Mullet, Mugil cephalus.
Differences in the host resistance of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar stocks to the monogenean Gyrodactylus salaris Malmberg, 1957.
Therefore, prevalence and abundance values were not calculated for individual monogenean genera from each host species.