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1. Consisting of or containing one metal.
2. Of, advocating, or practicing monometallism.


1. (Banking & Finance) (esp of coins) consisting of one metal only
2. (Banking & Finance) relating to monometallism


(ˌmɒn oʊ məˈtæl ɪk)

1. of or using one metal.
2. pertaining to monometallism.
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Adj.1.monometallic - containing one atom of metal in the molecule; "monometallic carbonyls"
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Monometallic (Co-MCM-48) and bimetallic (CoMn-MCM-48) catalysts were synthesized and characterized.
For monometallic catalysts the measurements were acquired in a VG-Microtech Multilab equipment with a [MgK.
Also mixed cerium-zirconium oxide as support for gold and copper or for gold and ruthenium monometallic and bimetallic catalysts have been investigated [14,15].
Chen, and Yushan Yan, "Correlating the hydrogen evolution reaction activity in alkaline electrolytes with the hydrogen binding energy on monometallic surfaces," Energy & Environmental Science 6 (2 April 2013), 15091512.
We painfully learned that the reaction of 1-alkenes with alkylalanes in the presence of zirconocene derivatives could undergo a few other competitive side reactions in addition to the desired single-stage carbometalation shown in the green frame of Scheme 4, of which (i) H-transfer hydrometalation, (76) (ii) the Kaminsky version of Ziegler-Natta polymerization, (77) (iii) bimetallic cyclic carbometalation, (74) and (iv) monometallic cyclic carbometalation (78) are representative.
At least two alternatives for dealing domestically with the present situation are available: (1) reforming the Federal Reserve System by introducing a redeemable currency somehow "backed" by gold, and preferably by silver as well, because no monometallic gold standard can exist under the Constitution; and (2) replacing the present monetary regime with an entirely new system of economically sound, honest, and especially constitutional money.
This means that a monometallic electrode is to be preferred.
It was neither fully bimetallic nor monometallic as the Treasury found it impossible to get a sufficient quantity of silver circulating in the economy.
Between 1878 and 1898, India was a silver monometallic country and the debates centered on how to stop the depreciation of the Indian currency which had begun in 1873.
Besides the application as tunable SERS substrates, bimetallic core-shell nanoparticles, conventionally Ag-Au or Au-Ag nanoparticles, show their advantages in immunoassay compared with monometallic nanoshells.