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(Linguistics) linguistics containing only one morpheme


(ˌmɒn oʊ mɔrˈfi mɪk)

containing only one morpheme, as the words wait and gorilla.
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Adj.1.monomorphemic - consisting of only one morpheme; "`raise' is monomorphemic but `rays' is not"
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That is, the Source preposition from in from the house is monomorphemic, still it spells out the three heads Place, Goal and Source.
Second, we observe that whereas these vowels are unstressed (or rather unaccented) in the polymorphemic words, they are stressed in the monomorphemic words.
The statement taken literally is equally puzzling for Dhivehi unless one limits it to monomorphemic inherited forms, since she goes on to state that consonant clusters in initial or final position must be "of foreign origin" and provides examples of these, as well as examples in sandhi forms.
Disyllabic monomorphemic forms, ending in a vowel or syllabic /l/.
The monomorphemic cluster *kl (Saareste 1955, map 41; Must, Univere 2002 : 28) has undergone the North Estonian change (2a) kl > el (*kakla > kael 'neck') in the western and southern Virumaa and the change (2b) *kl > ul (*kakla > kaul ~ kaula) in the northern part.
monomorphemic noun stems in SP Derived word Stem gookh(u)ra 'bovine animals' guu 'bull' bhooriilu 'became deaf' bhuuru 'deaf' bhiaanmut 'willow tree' bhioon 'willow' bhraaputr 'brother's son' bhroo 'brother' seenboo 'side of string bed' siin 'string bed' deesneeour 'village hunt' diis 'village' kharamoos 'donkey meat' khaar 'donkey' yambaat 'mill stone' yaandr 'mill' corkuundu 'rectangle' cuur 'four' saurool 'house of father-in-law' suur 'father-in-law' Table 4: SP numerals, cardinals and ordinals Cardinals Ordinals cuur 'four' corima 'fourth' saat 'seven' satuma 'seventh' nuu 'nine' no(y)ima 'ninth' daas 'ten' dasuma 'tenth' boos 'twelve' baasuma '12th' triis 'thirteen' treesuma '13th' candiis 'fourteen' candeesuma '14th' satoos 'seventeen' sataasuma '17th' Table 5: Noninflected vs.
This study addresses the extent to which the location of primary stress in Dutch, German, and English monomorphemic words is affected by the syllables preceding the three final syllables.
Namely, when the speaker's intention is not to deliberately point out the difference in meaning between the base and the derivative, in other words, the difference which is conveyed by the affix, then the primary, monomorphemic expression will be preferred.
Here we can observe the structure of monomorphemic words (i.
Thus, to him any word having developed special semantics has to be treated as monomorphemic.
The result of the joint operation of these rules is that compounds do not take longer in production than monomorphemic signs, in general (Wallin 1983) and often also are monosyllabic.
Further support for transferring the responsibility for prosodic size of reduplicants, in particular, away from the Root-Affix distinction is the evidence assembled by Downing (2006) that there is a tight correlation between prosodic size and morphological complexity, with morphologically complex constituents required to be phonologically binary, a size restriction that monomorphemic constituents, even roots, can evade.