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A single-legged support for a camera or other handheld device.
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It even includes a small rail segment on the bottom for shooters who wish to use a rear monopod for added stability.
UTEC Survey was recently hired to provide a positioning solution for the installation of a monopod liquid natural gas platform and 30-km, 10-inch LNG pipeline for a major operation located in Alaska's Cook Inlet.
UTEC provided a positioning solution to install a monopod liquid natural gas platform and 30km 10in LNG pipeline for a major operation sited in Alaska's Cook Inlet.
A selfie stick monopod which supports any Smartphone OS.
Crowley has also had a significant marine construction project ongoing in Cook Inlet this summer with the delivery and installation of the Furie Monopod with the heavy lift ship Svenja.
Enhanced with a telephoto lens, high shutter speed with the assistance of a monopod or tripod capture this natural wonder.
The SRC features a Kimber modular chassis system, side-folding stock, integral rear monopod and adjustable comb.
For the uninitiated, the selfie stick or monopod is an extendable metal rod with a holder at the end to attach a phone or camera.
The standard stock is straight, with adjustable length and cheek piece; an adjustable monopod is also used as hand rest, while a sandbag rest is available on request.
I've found a monopod to be best when hunting from a fixed-position stand without a rail.
Camera monopod is a great accessory for taking cool videos too
The patent has also been extended to stick-like objects such as a cane, a crutch, a monopod, a trekking pole, a rod or a staff.