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n. pl. e·lec·tro·cau·ter·ies
1. A cautery heated by an electric current.
2. The cauterization of tissue by such an instrument.


(Breeds) vet science the use of an electrically heated metal instrument for cautery


(ɪˌlɛk troʊˈkɔ tə ri)

n., pl. -ter•ies.
1. a hand-held, needlelike cautery heated by an electric current.
2. Also, e•lec`tro•cau`ter•i•za′tion. the process of cutting and cauterizing skin simultaneously, or coagulating blood from vessels around a surgical incision, by means of an electrocautery.
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Noun1.electrocautery - application of a needle heated by an electric current to destroy tissue (as to remove warts)
thermocautery - cautery (destruction of tissue) by heat
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Numerous surgical techniques have been advocated; they include, but are not limited to, (1) cold-knife surgery, (4) either in a limited form or with a Z-plasty, (5) (2) monopolar electrocautery, (6) and (3) laser surgery.
Blood loss was greatest for monopolar electrocautery (either flat blade or suction tip), argon plasma coagulator, and cold steel.
4) However, Sobol et al observed no difference in postoperative pain between children who underwent microdebrider intracapsular tonsillotomyor monopolar electrocautery tonsillectomy; also, there was no significant difference in the total number of days before patients returned to normal activity, although there was a significant difference in favor of microdebrider tonsillectomy in the return to a normal diet.