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n. pl. mo·nop·so·nies
A market situation in which the product or service of several sellers is sought by only one buyer.

[mon(o)- + Greek opsōniā, purchase of food; see duopsony.]

mo·nop′so·nist n.
mo·nop′so·nis′tic adj.


(Economics) economics the sole buyer in a monopsony
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The Nash bargaining solution that is assumed (cases where the upstream firm acts as a monopolist or the downstream firm as a monopsonist are particular examples) always leads to efficient outcomes.
The government may still stand before the contractor as a monopsonist, as the only domestic buyer of heavy weapons, and the veto authority on arms exports.
A monopsonist is willing to pay the cost of hiring the worker whenever her productivity is sufficiently high relative to her wage and fires the worker when her productivity falls too low.
301) To its suppliers--music companies--China Mobile is therefore a monopsonist.
Artificial pricing set by a monopsonist government buyer is a recipe for economic catastrophe.
The 90-year old helium market has, at different times, been dominated by the government as a monopoly supplier, a monopsonist buyer, or a regulator.
2) A monopsonist faces, or at least perceives, an upward-sloping supply of labor.
It concludes that the Service is essentially a monopsonist in this market, since almost no one else will pay for such information.
Medicare is a monopsonist in the market for medical care for those age 65 and over, as well as for individuals with end stage renal disease.
As a purchaser, Medicaid may be almost a monopsonist.
79) An alternative analysis that also forms a source of opposition to plea bargaining practices views the prosecution as a monopsonist in this respect--i.
If, on the other hand, the firm is a single employer of labor, or colludes collectively with their competition on wage ceilings, then the workers face a monopsonist.