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Having one neural synapse.

mon′o·syn·ap′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Physiology) physiol having or relating to a sole synapse
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Muscle groups, whether distal and proximal muscles, differ in the size of cortical representation, the extent of monosynaptic corticospinal projection (Pyndt et al.
Loss of inhibitory control from the brain via the spinal cord leads to uninhibited excitation of the monosynaptic spinal reflex arc.
Depending on the number of synapses interposed on the trajectory reflex arc, reflexes are monosynaptic and polysynaptic.
Monosynaptic reflexes are hyperactive, H-reflex and reciprocal inhibition are sustained.
Monosynaptic pathways provide an extremely rapid reflex feedback system and are the basis for the muscle stretch reflex.
34) The H-reflex is produced when action potentials that travel proximally along sensory fibers enter the dorsal horn of the spinal cord and stimulate the monosynaptic reflex arc (Fig.
Sensitivity of monosynaptic test reflexes to facilitation and inhibition as a function of the test reflex size: a study in man and the cat.
If the trunk and pelvis were indeed responsible for the triggering of the postural responses, one may expect segmental reflexes from the lumbar (ES muscle) to occur first through fast conducting monosynaptic stretch reflexes to maintain posture.
When that circuit, known as the monosynaptic circuit, was disrupted, the animals did not learn to fear the tone.
1986) Cerebellar granule cells in culture: monosynaptic connections with Purkinje cells and ionic currents.
TMS has provided the first concrete evidence in humans of the existence of direct monosynaptic connections from the motor cortex to spinal motor neurons.