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Derived from a single fertilized ovum or embryonic cell mass. Used especially of identical twins.


(ˌmɒnəʊzaɪˈɡɒtɪk) or


(Genetics) (of twins) derived from a single fertilized ovum, and so identical


(ˌmɒn ə zaɪˈgɒt ɪk)

also mon•o•zy•gous

(-ˈzaɪ gəs)

developed from a single fertilized ovum, as identical twins.
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Adj.1.monozygotic - derived from a single fertilized egg; "monozygotic twins"
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Also, epigenetic super-similarity is a previously unrecognised phenomenon that may contribute to the phenotypic similarity of monozygotic twins, according to the study.
Case Report: The 26-year-old healthy mother had given birth in her first spontaneous, uneventful pregnancy to monozygotic twins at week 35.
Median, Confidence Interval (CI), Intrapair Variance of Displacement Speed (VDS) and Partial Correlations Controlling for Age (r), Height, Body Mass, Displacement Speed (DS) and the Heritability of: (a) Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins of Both Sexes; (b) Female Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins; and (c) and Male Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins.
Genetic, environmental and stochastic factors in monozygotic twin discordance with a focus on epigenetic differences.
Examining differences in the levels and activity states of these components within pairs of monozygotic and dizygotic twins, the Stanford scientists found that in three-quarters of the measurements, nonheritable influences -- such as previous microbial or toxic exposures, vaccinations, diet and dental hygiene -- trumped heritable ones when it came to accounting for differences within a pair of twins.
Also, those women undergoing in vitro fertilisation and other fertility treatments have a higher risk of having twins, that are dizygotic, monozygotic or identical, or other multiples.
They discuss media and embryo interactions, the female tract environment, buffering systems, essential features in media development, macromolecular supplementation of embryo culture media, monozygotic twinning, amino acids and ammonium, growth factors and cytokines, osmolality, pH control, oocyte maturation in vitro, oocyte and embryo cryopreservation, and regulatory matters, as well as the culture of embryos in dynamic fluid environments, morphokinetic analysis using time-lapse imaging of embryo development, optimizing culture conditions, low cost in vitro fertilization, incubators, and incubator management.
This study also concluded that in monozygotic twins, concordance for idiopathic scoliosis is much higher than in same sex dizygotic twins.
Twinning can range from incomplete bilateral forms such as cyclopia, through various grades of supernormal forms such as double headed types, double monsters and conjoined twins, culminating in completely separate monozygotic or duplicate twins.
also suggest a genetic component by showing that the concordance of PBC in monozygotic twins is about 63%.
Doctors said that the condition is usually found in monozygotic twins ( originating from the same fertilised ovum) but what made the surgery critical were the rare blood group the two babies shared and the need for extensive cranial re- modelling.
This is the first test of its kind, Eurofins noted, adding that the product can be used by authorities, courts and medicine to solve cases which involve monozygotic twins as originator of DNA traces in crime, or as alleged parents.