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Noun1.monozygotic twin - either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material)monozygotic twin - either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material)
conjoined twin, Siamese twin - one of a pair of identical twins born with their bodies joined at some point
twin - either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy
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In 16 of the 27 monozygotic twin pairs participating in the study, one member of the pair had been exposed to cytomegalovirus but the other had not.
Twin studies have shown that monozygotic twin sisters are frequently, if not always, discordant with respect to preeclampsia and/or HELLP.
Monozygotic twin studies of Vietnam veterans suggest that subtle ("soft") NDs, which likely resulted from mild inherited alterations in cerebral function, may predispose to PTSD [50].
The contribution of non-genetic factors to the phenotype is most apparent in monozygotic twin pairs, who often develop different diseases, despite being genetically nearly identical.
This child was a monozygotic twin born to healthy nonconsanguineous parents, and his growth and development were within normal limits.
His monozygotic twin brother also deserved attention as he had had fainting episodes and mixed type syncope on a previously performed HUT.
Many DNA methylation differences were found in the analysed region both within and between the monozygotic twin pairs.
Monozygotic twin pair studies have also shown a high concordance rate (60%) for DSM-IV Autistic Disorder, 71% for the broader autistic spectrum phenotype, and 92% for an even broader phenotype of social and communication deficits with stereotyped behaviors that nonetheless were clearly differentiated from normal.
Some years ago, one (Twin A) of a pair of apparently monozygotic twin girls (Twins A and B) approached the genetic counselling clinic for a consultation regarding predictive testing for HD.
We assumed that maternal plasma samples collected from monozygotic twin pregnancies contained at least 5% fetal DNA (20, 21).
TTTS is a condition that occurs in 10-15 per cent of monozygotic twin pregnancies (Denbow et al.