monozygotic twins

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mon·o·zy·got·ic twins

n., pl. gemelos monocigóticos con características genéticas idénticas.
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The fact that it is observed more frequently in monozygous twins compared to dizygous twins in twin studies supports this view.
14] When Twin A returned to demand testing, the issue of monozygous twinning and the lack of confirmation that she and Twin B were identical were discussed with her.
From 10 to 15 percent of sirenomelia sequence cases are in twin births, most of them monozygous, and only one fetus is affected.
These included a mix of monozygous (derived from one egg) and dizygous (derived from two eggs) twins.
Monozygous twins discordant for clefting are interesting.
73 for generalized epilepsy among monozygous twins.
Concordance rates for T1D in monozygous twins with long-term follow-up is >50%, compared to 6%-10% in dizygous twins, which is similar to what is found in nontwin siblings.