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a. Shockingly hideous or frightful in appearance.
b. Of or resembling a fabulous monster.
2. Exceptionally large; enormous: a monstrous tidal wave.
3. Extremely immoral or cruel: a monstrous dictator; monstrous behavior.
4. Archaic Deviating greatly from the norm in appearance or structure; abnormal.

[Middle English, from Old French monstruos, from Latin mōnstruōsus, from mōnstrum, portent, monster; see monster.]

mon′strous·ly adv.
mon′strous·ness n.
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The quality of passing all moral bounds:
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My characters share a sense of monstrousness, either perceived or actual.
It traces the passage from "moral deformity" by sympathetic standards in Shaftesbury and Smith, as recapitulated by Capra in It's a Wonderful Life, to the monstrousness of sympathy denied to the creature in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, juxtaposed in that novel, however, with a problem lingering on from the eighteenth century: a "material emphasis on neuropsychology" as deeply causal, meaning that the "creature's monstrosity," if socially imposed, could also be viewed as "biologically determined" (251).
I'm not entirely convinced the bloke was fully aware any of it was being filmed, such was his monstrousness, bullying, sulking, arrogance and terrifying disregard for human beings.
It has been a fairytale rise for the lad his fans compare to the great Ellery Hanley What a shame this talisman's feelgood story was overshadowed by Flower's moment of monstrousness.
Each draws on folklore for its theme, but the former "domesticates" monstrousness, as it were, and the latter subtly employs a child's point of view to bring the ancient lore of tragedy when a human falls in love with a statue into contemporary 1890s context.
The monstrousness of this new breed of capitalism is highlighted by the narrator's rationale for the execution; Sergei had been siphoning funds to improve the conditions of the plant, in the process reducing 'profits by 6.
Manson wouldn't cooperate with the project, but Guinn does such a thorough job reminding us of his monstrousness, that actually seems like a blessing.
BENEATH THE DARKENING SKY BY MAJOK TULBA (ONEWORLD): Tulba's brutal, poetic debut views the monstrousness of war through the innocent eyes of a young boy.
Firefly, the adolescent at the center of Severo Sarduy's penultimate novel, inhabits a fictional space somewhere between the laughable monstrousness of Rabelais and the screwball kitsch of early Almodovar.
Each chapter, full of spectacular b&w photographs, is grounded in a particular child's story: ABCs and the child's initiation to language; dreams and disruptions of logical sequence in Cornell's ballet scenario from Hans Christian Anderson; Cornell's counterpart to Antoine de Saint-Exupery's philosopher-explorer, The Little Prince; fluidity of space and time in child wandering in Alice and Wonderland, Andre Breton's Nadja and Cornell's Monseieur Phot; more play with surface and depth in Cornell's homage to Through the Looking Glass, Untitled (Journal d'Agriculture Pratique); Cornell's engagement with Beauty and the Beast in the context of over-coming the monstrousness of WWII; and finally an exploration of immortality and eternity in Cornell's diorama version of Sleeping Beauty.
Actually, an odd connection involving monstrousness exists between Trinculo's occupation and Caliban, one that begs his dissociation from the jester.