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Plural of mons.
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Does any one know anything of a Count of Monte Cristo?
Which means that my Count of Monte Cristo is one of those fishermen.
Yes," said Albert, "but this has nothing to do with the existence of the Count of Monte Cristo.
At the same time," added Chateau-Renaud, "your Count of Monte Cristo is a very fine fellow, always excepting his little arrangements with the Italian banditti.
But the sound of the clock had not died away when Germain announced, "His excellency the Count of Monte Cristo.
At these words it was still possible to observe in Monte Cristo the concentrated look, changing color, and slight trembling of the eyelid that show emotion.
In reality," replied the latter, who, with his aristocratic glance and his knowledge of the world, had penetrated at once all that was penetrable in Monte Cristo, "Albert has not deceived us, for the count is a most singular being.
Yes," said Monte Cristo; "but, unfortunately, a recipe excellent for a man like myself would be very dangerous applied to an army, which might not awake when it was needed.
Oh, yes," returned Monte Cristo; "I make no secret of it.
Oh, no, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo; "I do not thus betray my enjoyments to the vulgar.
Ah," said Monte Cristo "you promised me never to mention that circumstance.
No, monsieur," returned Monte Cristo "upon the simple condition that they should respect myself and my friends.