Moon face

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a round face like a full moon.

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Father Brown turned his moon face up to the narrow facade of the house and blinked hopelessly up.
Michaelis, the ticket-of-leave apostle, smiled vaguely with his glued lips; his pasty moon face drooped under the weight of melancholy assent.
The earth had come to rest with one face to the sun, even as in our own time the moon faces the earth.
Who'd have thought that, after going into 2015 thinking Peter Kay was a spent comic force with nothing to say beyond jokes about school days and discontinued fizzy pop, that I'd actually look forward to seeing his big moon face again each week.
The Portofino Midsize collection has been reworked with some changes, such as smaller faces than other IWC watches, and a few more feminine touches such as diamonds, which add a bit of sparkle, and a moon face, which brings a hint of romance.
Mr Moon Face A FEW MONTHS ago, Shield Row Primary School opened their brand new library to the public for the first time, which created great excitement.
Theo is joined by the fantastic Louisa Jones from Whiskey Moon Face on double bass and backing vocals.
Taking it for a long time, especially when in substantial dosage, can cause side effects such as moon face, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, muscle atrophy, peptic ulcers, and osteoporosis.
Why the planet had escaped the 'tidal locking' of the Sun's gravitational pull - the same force that makes our moon face one way towards the Earth - had been a puzzle.