moon shot

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Noun1.moon shot - the launching of a spacecraft to the moon
rocket firing, rocket launching - the launching of a rocket or missile under its own power
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com, Allyssa Dudley Third place, feature writing: "Attorney has Moon Shot Case in the Bag," by Scott Lauck Third place, spot news: "Order Adds Fuel to Defender Caseload Woes," by Scott Lauck Third place, spot news photo: Stockley Protest, by Allyssa Dudley
Tenders are invited for the orbit (oncology research for biologics and immunotherapy translation) institute is an md anderson moon shot platform dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies (mabs).
Cranston created the series with show-runner David Shore at the behest of Sony Pictures TV, where Cranston's Moon Shot Entertainment banner is based.
But they sit oddly against the subject matter of his new nine-part documentary series, Moon Shot, on the companies participating in the Google LunarX Prize competition.
I remember as a student in the 1980s being told that there was, at that time, more computing power in a digital wristwatch than there had been on the Apollo 11 moon shot.
A literal moon shot just might reveal the thickness of Europa's icy crust.
MOON SHOT A telescope will let you see the Moon in detail
And yet, for all its impressive credentials, the moon shot was, to be brutally honest, a pretty useless piece of work.
It sounds like a moon shot, but for Facebook, it's an area of communication it wants to lead.
In this industry we sometimes refer to something that's a stretch "a moon shot.
Amblin Television, Tale Told Productions and Moon Shot Entertainment with Steven Spielberg on board as executive producer will produce the movie.
His stirring Rice Stadium speech described mankind's great achievements and how they had accelerated to the point where he proposed the moon shot based, in part, on technology which had yet to be invented or developed.