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The event or time of the disappearance of the moon's upper circumferential edge as it sets below the horizon.


(Astronomy) the moment when the moon disappears below the horizon



1. the setting of the moon below the horizon.
2. the time at which this happens.
[1835–45; moon + (sun) set]
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Farther east, the later phases of the eclipse occur after moonset.
However, sky gazers in most of Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East were not fortunate enough to watch the exclusive event as the eclipse occurred after moonset.
Likewise most of Europe and Africa experience moonset just as the eclipse begins.
The waxing crescent moon, however, offered a convenient stand-in during the early evening hours, and star-fields became visible after moonset.
The poem begins "long after moonset," but the beech-leaf still "reflects a tiny refulgence of stars" (1, 4).
degF Sun & Moon Sunrise 06:28 Sunset 18:12 Moonset 20:39 Moonrise 06:44 And with a time and venue for the rematch between Liverpool super-middleweights Paul Smith and Tony Dodson to be announced today, Hyland's reflections on March 12, 1998 are perhaps never more timely.
51am Moonset Around Britain The United States coach said: "If there is one federation in the world that deserves more than any others to host the World Cup, it would be England.
5[degrees]) 31 13 Mercury near Pluto Meteor showers Shower Duration Maximum December Phoenicids Dec 03--Dec 09 Dec 06 Geminids Dec 04--Dec 16 Dec 14 Puppid-Velids Dec 05--Jan 07 Dec 29 The Geminid show is generally regarded as the highlight on the meteor shower calendar, but this year the Moon interferes somewhat, with observations possible only after moonset.
Their north-west/south-east axis is aligned approximately on the major southern moonrise (full in summer) and the major northern moonset (full in winter).
Observations in the early morning hours of January 4 were, therefore, the most productive--particularly after moonset.
In the previous edition of MNASSA (Vol 70, nos 11 & 12, December 2011) in the article by J Caldwell entitled Moonset Lag with Arc of Light Predicts Crescent Visibility there was an editing error.