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1. Moonlight.
2. Informal Foolish talk or thought; nonsense.
3. Illegally distilled liquor, especially whiskey. Also called regionally white lightning.
intr.v. moon·shined, moon·shin·ing, moon·shines
To distill and sell liquor illegally.

moon′shin′er n.


(Brewing) US and Canadian a person who illegally makes or smuggles distilled spirits


(ˈmunˌʃaɪ nər)

n. Informal.
a person who distills or sells liquor, esp. corn liquor, illegally.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.moonshiner - someone who makes or sells illegal liquormoonshiner - someone who makes or sells illegal liquor
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime


[ˈmuːnʃaɪnəʳ] N (US)
1. (= distiller) → fabricante mf de licor ilegal
2. (= smuggler) → contrabandista mf
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The old world way of life, with wild ginseng hunting, mule logging, horses, mules and wagon riding, professional coon hunting, and yes, even the fine art of moonshiner is also a part of his heritage.
Moonshiner For the uninitiated, it could be a rather curious experience to watch throngs of hip young things pile through the freezer door at the back of a local pizzeria.
When the store promoted an in-store visit from legendary moonshiner Junior Johnson for his Midnight Moon brand, more than 300 customers lined up to see him and buy an autographed bottle.
The beverage was inspired by the Appalachian legend of 19th century moonshiner Buck O'Hairen, who created the secret recipe he called “Sunshine” as a cure for hangovers and a series of misfortunes.
a charming con artist, moonshiner and religious fraud who inducts her into his various enterprises while encouraging her dreams of becoming a writer.
According to reports pouring in from Darya Khan, at least nine persons who purchased liquor from Mangoo Ansari, a a moonshiner, died after drinking it.
The officers had a long night vigil waiting for the return of the moonshiner, who at six in the morning came on the job and proceeded to fill some of the bottles with a new elixir of life.
The Carbine was designed by one of the most colorful firearms inventors of the 20th century, David Marshall Williams, a part-time North Carolina moonshiner who killed a deputy sheriff during a raid on his still.
In 1930, officer Oscar Lee Duley was shot and killed near Marcola by moonshiner Ray Sutherland.
Popcorn Sutton, a moonshiner whose life was documented in a 2007 documentary shown on the History Channel, was convicted of making "white lightening.
Away from music," Seeger adds, drawing attention to class interactions within this musical culture, "these men were a good cross section of the population with occupations ranging from miner and moonshiner to farmer and doctor.
The previous owner, a moonshiner, had set fire to the farmhouse and left the land that had nothing more to give him.