adv. & adj.
Toward the moon.


(ˈmun wərd)

1. Also, moon′wards. toward the moon.
2. directed toward the moon.
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Moonward, Legends of Halahala and Aspyrus*A APPUPEN * Blaft/HarperCollins, 2009--* A series of largely wordless books that skewer the priorities of modern society
Is it of such concern when what shall be already is within the moonward sea?
I know that he will exceed our expectations in building a world class organization to serve the jewelry trade," said Fred Moonward, Founder/Chairman of GemKey.
The few missiles sent moonward since Apollo have been small, automated probes--the most recent mission was a little 350-pound craft called Lunar Prospector that culminated its mission August 31 in a deliberate nosedive into the lunar south pole.