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1. The act or an instance of mooring.
2. A place where a ship or aircraft may be moored.
3. A charge for mooring.


(ˈmʊərɪdʒ; ˈmɔːrɪdʒ)
1. (Nautical Terms) a place for mooring a vessel
2. (Nautical Terms) a charge for mooring
3. (Nautical Terms) the act of mooring


(ˈmʊər ɪdʒ)

1. a place for mooring.
2. a charge or payment for the use of moorings.
3. an act or instance of mooring or the state of being moored.
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Noun1.moorage - a fee for mooring
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
2.moorage - a place where a craft can be made fastmoorage - a place where a craft can be made fast
anchorage ground, anchorage - place for vessels to anchor
3.moorage - the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropesmoorage - the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes
arrival - the act of arriving at a certain place; "they awaited her arrival"


n (= place)Anlegeplatz m; (= charge)Anlegegebühren pl
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But having tried to cast anchor, which was a stone at the end of a piece of the kite-string, he found no bottom, and was fain to hold off, seeking for moorage, and, feeling his way, he buffeted against a sunken reef that cast him overboard by the greatness of the shock, and he was near to being drowned, but clambered back into the vessel.
The ship is currently staying at its moorage in Murmansk and its crew is carrying out planned combat training measures.
200 square meters, pier slab portion: approximately 1,100 square meters), fender repairs total 30 (17 for the existing pier, 13 for the extension), mooring facilities (installation of 71 70-ton moorage posts for the pier extension, one 100-ton mooring dolphin), separation of cargo and passenger movement, repairs and updates to ship route guidance (three beacon lights, two buoys, and conversion of existing rear reading lights to LED) Equipment: repairs to two tugboats (including hull repairs, engine maintenance and a technology transfer for naviqation apparatus repair work)
Puget Sound has an extensive network of service providers and moorage space which cater to large commercial fishing vessels," the report states.
Full members get moorage rights, which include additional costs to store boats, depending on the size and whether they're on land or in the water.
The Port recognizes the value of this industry and works hard to attract commercial fishing vessels with competitive moorage rates, first-rate marine infrastructure, and a range of upland amenities.
Marina Operators Legal Liability Coverage Solutions: To provide marina operators' liability insurance protection from owners and boats in the care, custody and control of the marina operator for the purpose of repairs, maintenance, storage, moorage, fueling, hauling or launching.
A speed of seven knots should also be observed when passing within 50 metres of any boat moorage, diving platform, loading dock, ship moorage or when passing through an anchoring area of small marine vessels.
Jones Valley Resort operates a luxury houseboat rental marina that also provides small boat rentals, vessel repair and private moorage.
Racers making sure they don't miss out have already snapped up most of the spots at the popular moorage.
Now Chevron has commenced dredging the bed of Burrard Inlet near their tanker moorage facilities," said Chief George.
Director-General of the Jordan Maritime Authority, Mu'atasim al-Sakit said that the captain of "Sour" ship asked the port's staff to readjust the ship's moorage but after 15 minutes the radar operator discovered that the ship's onboard tracking device had been shut off.