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intr.v. moped, mop·ing, mopes
1. To think gloomily and persistently about something; be dejected. See Synonyms at brood.
2. To move in a listless or aimless manner, especially from being sad or depressed: moped about the house all summer.
1. A person given to gloomy or dejected moods.
2. mopes Low spirits; the blues. Often used with the.

[Origin unknown.]

mop′er n.
mop′ish, mop′ey adj.
mop′ish·ly adv.


adj, mopier or mopiest
1. dejected; gloomy
2. aimless; idle


(ˈmoʊ pi)

adj. mop•i•er, mop•i•est.
languishing, listless.
mop′i•ness, n.
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Among the smitten are tomboy Natalie (Laura Tebbitt) who falls for Chad, who fruitlessly chases cerebral siren Miss Sandra, who also has a suitor in Shaun Williamson's mopey widower Jim, who is doted on by cynical bar owner Sylvia (Mica Paris).
After a great deal of this, Eliot and his wife begin to feel like characters out of a bad Victorian melodrama, if not monstrously mopey graduate students.
Unlucky-inlove singer Sam Smith is preparing the world for another mopey tearjerker.
While that mopey crooner is up for a pack-leading six Grammy Awards on Sunday night, including all four of the major categories -- best new artist, and song, record and album of the year -- Beyonce, whose self-titled album shook the music game when it was released unannounced at the end of 2013, has as many nominations and, throughout her benevolent reign, 17 wins to Smith's zero.
Spike Jonze's modern romance is too mopey to satirise 'social' networking.
But looking at the bigger picture, Big School may have stumbled on a bottomless pit of inspiration: take all those mopey teenage Waterloo Road plots and replay them as prat-fall comedy.
Take all those mopey teenage Waterloo Road plot-lines and replay them as prat-fall comedy.
Those toasting with the free-flowing 312 Pale Ale were able to snag a ride home from Uber, but nobody was trying to dip early while Dum Dum Girls played their tried-and-true cover of mopey staple "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" and Antwon showed off his best Backstreet Boys impression mid-set.
THE STORY: Hoping to shake off a midlife crisis, mopey husband and failed academic Kit Noonan sets out to find the biological father he never knew.
Yet the medium has proved especially fruitful for certain kinds of things, which is to say for certain genres: for humor and caricature, where characters must be repeated and recognizable, but not realistic; for confession, where comics' ability to place us in a character's shoes can keep us attached to repellent or mopey protagonists; and for genres of escape, of wonder and fantasy, because comics can defy the limits of language and escape the budgetary constraints of film.
But the main reason why Cressida and Harry would have never worked is because she seems too sweet, not to mention a little bit mopey at times.