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1. A household implement made of absorbent material attached to a typically long handle and used for washing, dusting, or drying floors.
2. A loosely tangled bunch or mass: a mop of unruly hair.
v. mopped, mop·ping, mops
To wash or wipe with or as if with a mop: mopped the hallway; mopping the spilled water; mopped her forehead with a towel.
To use a mop to wash or dry surfaces: mopped along the baseboards.
Phrasal Verb:
mop up
1. To clear (an area) of remaining enemy troops after a victory.
2. Informal To perform the minor tasks that conclude a project or an activity.

[Early Modern English map, mop, probably shortening of Middle English mappel, ultimately (perhaps via Medieval Latin mappula, table cloth) from Latin mappa, towel, cloth; see map.]

mop′per n.


(Professions) a person employed to clean surfaces with a mop
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Noun1.mopper - a worker who uses a mop to clean a surface
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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Tenders are invited for Deployment of Services for Washing, Mopping and Cleaning of Floors Dusting Cleaning of Furniture and other Installed Infrastructure such as Fixture and Equipments Sweeping and Cleaning of Flowers Pots and to Carry and Deliver Dak within and Outside Office Miscellaneous and Odd Jobs of Officers/ Officials including Cost of all Consumables such as Floor Cleaner Soap Detergent, Duster Cloth Brooms, Wiper Mopper, Brushers and all other Required Material and Overall Upkeep and Watch and Ward Round O%Clock of State Level Data Center Building and all its Campus during and after Office Hours at Dhangsidhar, Distt.
Mike James cast his own pattern fly The Mopper and his efforts were appreciated by four good rainbows while also catching four fish were Colin Poole, Gwyn Redman and Stephen Parsons.
Already done mixing the day's batches, the mopper reenacted for me how he stirs the tofu in a metal tub with a tool the size of a shovel.
This is calculated as the difference between the average values of the treatments divided by the SD and multiplied by a correction factor for bias in small samples, as indicated by the following algorithm (van Zandt and Mopper 1998):
Kieber and Mopper [1] have reported the separation of nine-keto acids within 24 min.
I suspect their job description certainly wouldn't cover being a nurse-maid or floor mopper to the litter louts who form part of the travelling public on buses.
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In a departure from the usual 'vomit mopper to aisle two' and 'free case of Stella with every bag of peanuts' announcements, one Somerfield staff member took his chance on the PA system to make an unofficial declaration that a colleague was gay--possibly outing the fellow worker in the process.
Three varieties are available including Orange Blossom For Healthy Skin, which boasts beta carotene, magnesium, mopper, B vitamins and omega-3.
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