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A young child.

[From obsolete mop, fool, child, from Middle English moppe.]


a less common word for poppet1
[C17: from obsolete mop rag doll; of obscure origin]


(ˈmɒp ɪt)

a young child.
[1900–05; obsolete mop rag doll, baby]
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Noun1.moppet - a little girl (usually one you are fond of)
female child, little girl, girl - a youthful female person; "the baby was a girl"; "the girls were just learning to ride a tricycle"


A young person between birth and puberty:
Informal: kid.
Scots: bairn.
References in classic literature ?
She caught Moppet and Mittens, but she could not find Tom.
While their mother was searching the house, Moppet and Mittens had got into mischief.
But just at that moment somebody knocked at the front door, and Moppet jumped into the flour barrel in a fright
The chimney wants sweeping--Oh, dear me, Cousin Ribby--now Moppet and Mittens are gone
Here's one of your kittens at least," said Ribby, dragging Moppet out of the flour barrel.
Mother, Mother," said Moppet, "there's been an old woman rat in the kitchen, and she's stolen some of the dough
But Moppet had been too much frightened to peep out of the barrel again.
IThe cherubic moppets rejoiced: "She always has a smile, she never hurries us along.
but honestly, it's quite hard to compete with the original as it was the first time we were introduced to the super villain Gru and his assistants as they stole the moon and adopted three delightful moppets.
the largest screamprocessing factory in Monstropolis, the fun-loving double-act scare countless unsuspecting moppets by leaping out of wardrobes.
Thankfully, she's not required to talk much in the ad, her role largely confined to pointing her coyote rictus at excitable moppets and singing with that incredible, incongruous, luxurious voice of hers.
Especially that the majority of those are stuck because some moppets entered the junction when the exit was not clear, will do exactly the same thing and block others a few minutes later.