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n. pl. mo·rae (môr′ē) or mo·ras
1. The minimal unit of metrical time in quantitative verse, equal to the short syllable.
2. Linguistics A unit of phonological quantity based on both vowel quantity and the occurrence of consonants within a given syllable.

[Latin, pause.]


n, pl -rae (-riː) or -ras
(Poetry) prosody the quantity of a short syllable in verse represented by the breve (˘)
[C16: from Latin: pause]


(ˈmɔr ə, ˈmoʊr ə)

n., pl. mo•rae (ˈmɔr i, ˈmoʊr i) mo•ras.
a metrical unit equivalent to a short syllable and often represented by a breve.
[1560–70; < Latin: delay, hence, space of time]
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