moral force

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Noun1.moral force - an efficient incentive; "they hoped it would act as a spiritual dynamic on all churches"
incentive, inducement, motivator - a positive motivational influence
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The moral force of the attacking French army was exhausted.
His moral force was abased into more than childish weakness.
Well," she said gaily, "has moral force been applied?
de Chagny, who seemed to have recovered all his moral force from hearing Christine's voice, explained to her, in a few hurried words, the situation in which we and all the Opera were.
There is something so massive, stable, and almost irresistibly imposing in the exterior presentment of established rank and great possessions, that their very existence seems to give them a right to exist; at least, so excellent a counterfeit of right, that few poor and humble men have moral force enough to question it, even in their secret minds.
If we dare to look closely enough, may we not observe that the moral force of character and the higher intellectual capacities in parents seem often to wear out mysteriously in the course of transmission to children?
His knees shook, but he gathered all his moral forces, and gripping his sword more tightly in his trembling fingers prepared to leap across the chamber upon the horrid apparition.
US President Barack Obama hailed the pontiff as a moral force who is "shaking us out of our complacency" with reminders to care for the poor and the planet.
Unless he expresses support for those members of Congress who believe the moment is long overdue to use the moral force of diplomacy rather than the force of bombs to settle disputes;
Addammer said that opposing this bill is in line with the World Health Organization-adopted Tokyo and Malta Declaration which states that Any decisions lack moral force if made involuntarily by use of threats, peer pressure or coercion.
It is the vision of a better world that gives the Labour movement their moral force and ability to inspire people.
Candidates for the Falcon scholarship are assessed against four criteria: literary and scholastic attainments, energy to use one's talents to the full, devotion to duty and moral force of character and instinct to lead.