morale booster

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Noun1.morale booster - anything that serves to increase morale; "the sight of flowers every morning was my morale builder"
boost, encouragement - the act of giving hope or support to someone
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But Hawkins landed second in 62:42 in a massive morale booster ahead of his bid to qualify for the Olympics next year.
It is an echo chamber, it's a morale booster but it's not the reality that represents the views of the people" Former Labour minister Caroline Flint's opinion of Twitter.
The NRA's annual gathering is a tremendous morale booster.
He added: "It was a morale booster, it proved Marines never left any men behind.
They all said what a massive morale booster the new department has been.
The 2-1 win not only put the Toffees' top-four challenge back on track but was also a morale booster after their 4-0 midweek derby defeat to Liverpool.
A total of 25 pre-schoolers from low-income families were also given a morale booster through a fun and experiential enrichment programme KidzLearn @ South West to prepare for Primary One.
Past and present jockeys have visited the hospital for 12 years on the eve of the world's most famous steeplechase as a morale booster for patients and families and to raise awareness of the hospital's 'Imagine Appeal' which is the official charity of The Crabbie's Grand National.
Our Culinary Specialists strive every day to provide unique, quality food as a morale booster," Cmdr.
According to a source, the mood of the team had been a bit down since the Suarez affair so the trip was a morale booster and perfectly timed as a goodbye to Carragher.
However, the 1-0 League Cup victory at Barwell in midweek was a real morale booster.
Obama: America now recognizes Syria's opposition as the legitimate representative of the Syria people This is being sold as a morale booster for Syria's rebels as they press in to Damascus, but it's really O's way of justifying deeper U.