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 (môr′ā, mə-rā′)
Any of numerous often brightly colored marine eels of the family Muraenidae, having a large mouth with sharp teeth. Also called moray eel.

[Portuguese moréia, from Latin mūrēna, from Greek mūraina, from mūros, a kind of eel.]


n, pl -rays
(Animals) any voracious marine coastal eel of the family Muraenidae, esp Muraena helena, marked with brilliant patterns and colours
[C17: from Portuguese moréia, from Latin mūrēna, from Greek muraina]


(Placename) a council area and historical county of NE Scotland: part of Grampian region from 1975 to 1996: mainly hilly, with the Cairngorm mountains in the South Administrative centre: Elgin. Pop: 87 460 (2003 est). Area: 2238 sq km (874 sq miles). Former name: Elgin


(ˈmʌrɪ) or


(Biography) 1st Earl of, title of James Stuart. ?1531–70, regent of Scotland (1567–70) following the abdication of Mary, Queen of Scots, his half-sister. He defeated Mary and Bothwell at Langside (1568); assassinated by a follower of Mary


(ˈmɔr eɪ, ˈmoʊr eɪ; mɔˈreɪ, moʊ-)

n., pl. -rays.
any tropical eel of the family Muraenidae, lacking pectoral fins.
Also called mo′ray eel`.
[1615–25, Amer.; < Portuguese moréia < Latin mūraena < Greek myraina lamprey]


(ˈmɜr i)

a historic county in NE Scotland, on Moray Firth.
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Noun1.moray - family of brightly colored voracious eels of warm coastal watersmoray - family of brightly colored voracious eels of warm coastal waters; generally nonaggressive to humans but larger species are dangerous if provoked
eel - voracious snakelike marine or freshwater fishes with smooth slimy usually scaleless skin and having a continuous vertical fin but no ventral fins


[ˈmɒreɪ] N (= fish) → morena f
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